Hi! I’m Sedsel Anniceta Rohland. Don’t worry, you’re the first to stop and wonder how to pronounce my name. I’m born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, where my name Sedsel originates from, an old Danish classic. Fun fact, I was the only kid to be named Sedsel in Denmark in 1992 when I was born. But if you want the full story you can ask my mom.
Also the d is silent.

Speaking of silent. I’m kind of a silent person with a loud mind that tends to speak through my personal work, whether that being photographs, graphics or illustrations so when I put my mind to any task given, I therefore leave an imprint, which again means that what I do is who I am. That being said, I’m good at adapting to different tasks, and I’ll always keep my aesthetics straight!

Anywho. I’m a creative visual art director who’s not keen on bragging about herself, so feel free to take a look at my portfolio and I’ll let my work do the talking.